Extension of the strategic partnership between Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Technische Universität Berlin

In February 2020 Berlin was hosting „Polytech Days“ organized by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. As a long-standing partner of Polytech the TU Berlin held Strategic Partnership Forum on the 7th of February, where TU President Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen and Rector of the Polytechic University Prof. Andrei Rudskoi signed the strategic partnership prolongation agreement. The partnership shall be active until 2025 and is accompanied by a wide range of academic cooperations. The ceremony was followed by presentations of successful joint scientific undertakings.

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Klaus Brieß and Dr. Vyacheslav Potekhin opened the event with their presentation on “Space and Robotics Systems”. Professor Brieß and Dr. Potekhin briefly introduced Erasmus+ Project „Applied Curricula in Space Exploration and Intelligent Robotic Systems“ that aims to improve and internationalize specialized higher education in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The multinational project led by TUB comprises development and implementation of innovative Space Robotics and Satellite Technology curricula, training of academic teachers and creation of productive learning environments. One of the project achievements is the establishment of „Robotic Labs“ in the partnering universities – well-equipped facilities where students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

After the project presentation further cooperation plans and opportunities for both universities were discussed by the participants.