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According to the specific project objectives the following tangible outputs and intangible outcomes within the framework of development are planned:

  • Analysis and upgrade of the current curricula in the target field according to the recent advances in the target field
  • 14 new developed core curricula and 7 transferable modules including learn-ing environment: ROBOLAB*
  • Retrained academic teachers in new curricula and b-learning methodology
  • Conducted master classes and pilot teaching/operation of ROBOLAB
  • Established joint WEB based platform in full operation
  • Established TETRO** with stakeholders support

* Space Robotics Laboratory
** Technology Transfer Office



To ensure that the partner universities in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia can offer new applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic system in line with the modern development in the area and the market demand, according to the Bologna principles and EU 2020 strategy


  • To analyse educational needs in the target field; review the current curricula
  • To update current programmes and curricula according to recent advances in the target field by the end of the second project year
  • To develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented and student- focused core and transferable curricula and modules includ- ing ECTS and innovative academic environ- ment according to the B-Learning methodology
  • To bring the Higher Education Institutions of Partner Countries closer to the Labor Market