Scientific Methodological Conference/Coordination Meeting

Riga, Latvia

6-7 September 2018

Scientific Methodological Conference & APPLE Coordination Meeting in Riga, Latvia

06-07 September 2018

On 06 – 07 September 2018, Scientific Methodological Conference and Coordination meeting took place at Riga Technical University.

The events were visited by the Rector of the Riga Technical University, Leonids Ribickis, who gave a general presentation about the university. Representative of Erasmus+ Higher Education International Contact Point Latvia, Antra Meņģele and Kaspars Kalniņš from Horizon2020 also presented in the first day.

The coordinator of the project, TU Berlin, reported on the current state of the project and what have been achieved so far.

The universities of partner countries and European partners presented their research results during the Scientific Methodological Conference; the presentations were followed by a discussion of the scientific results. The anthology of the scientific papers was presented to the consortium. The anthology received an ISBN-number and will be distributed among the consortium members in a digital format at the next meeting.

Coordination meeting, during which the partners reported the state of the project implementation in their universities, was conducted as well. Furthermore, problems that partner countries are facing were discussed as well, and suggestions of how to solve those problems were given by the whole consortium.

The Coordination Meeting was finished with the discussion of the further activities for the last third year of the project. The important deadlines were set and discussed.


Download: “Anthology of Scientific Research Papers SPACE ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGIES & EXPLORATION”

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