Scientific methodological seminar/coordination meeting

Kursk, Russia

17-18 November 2018

Scientific methodological seminar/coordination meeting

On November 17-18, 2018 a scientific methodological seminar and coordination meeting of APPLE project took place at the Southwest State University, Kursk.

The event was attended by the Vice-rector for academic affairs of the Southwest state University Oksana Loktionova, who made a General presentation of the University.

Also, a report on the development of the APPLE project was made by the project coordinator from SWSU Yatsun Andrey, who reported on the current status and immediate plans for the development of the project. The participants of the seminar listened with great interest about the opportunities offered by this project, asked questions about the prospects of participation in it.

Other participants of the project also spoke about the prospects of scientific research and methods of teaching courses in the field of mobile and space robotics.

The target audience of the event-students of 1-4 courses, applicants, teachers of the Department of mechanics, mechatronics and robotics.

The coordination meeting concluded with a discussion of further activities over the last year of the project.

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