Teaching materials

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Curricula description

Core curricula/modules

  1. Space electronics and remote sensing devices
  2. Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration
  3. Intelligent robotic systems for space exploration
  4. CAD tools for design of systems on chip
  5. Celestial mechanics for space mission engineering
  6. Advanced Microelectronics design of custom integrated circuits in CMOS technologies for space applications
  7. Development of space-grade embedded systems
  8. Electronic Design and Assembly or Space Systems
  9. Digital Signal Processing on Satellite Systems
  10. Energy Efficiency of Onboard Systems and Equipment
  11. Combined Robotic Platform
  12. Model based mechatronic systems modelling methodology in conceptual design stage
  13. Embedded system and robotic education in a blended learning environment utilizing remote and virtual labs
  14. Comprehensive Blended Learning Concept for Teaching Microcontroller Technology
  15. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop 1
  16. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop 2
  17. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop 3
  18. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop 4
  19. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop Practical Session 1
  20. Cube Sat Engineering Workshop Practical Session 2
  21. Space based remote sensing

Transferable curricula/modules

  1. Soft skills for engineers
  2. Interdisciplinary awareness for engineers
  3. Employability and survival on labor market
  4. Effective communication with groups
  5. Engineering management methods
  6. Opportunities for an EU research and innovation framework programme
  7. Business plan of the innovation project
  8. Global trends in development of machine-building industries
  9. Industry 4.0: Development and New Trends

Teaching and Methodological Materials by PC Partners

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