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Adjustable Step-Up Step-Down Voltage Regulator

in stock, Tallinn

Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK) synchronous rectifier

Input voltage: DC 4.5-24V

Output voltage: integrated adjustable and fixed output, the back can choose a fixed output voltage

Adjustable range (0.8-17V), fixed voltage (1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5V 9V 12V)

Output Current: 3A (Please note that full cooling), the actual test input 12V 1.5A output less heat without special treatment.

Conversion efficiency: up to 97.5% (6.5 turn 5V 0.7A)

Switching Frequency: 500KHz

Output ripple: 20mV around (12V turn 5V3A) 20M-bandwidth

Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 C to + 85 C ) (the higher the temperature, the smaller the output power)

Output Overvoltage Protection: None

Full load temperature rise: 40 C

Static current: 0.85 mA

Load regulation: ± 1%

Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%

Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

Output short circuit protection: Do not short-circuit a long time

Input reverse polarity protection: None, input reverse polarity protection diode