B101 HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge

in stock, Tallinn

The HDMI to CSI-2 bridge module has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi and HummingBoard. It features the 15 pin FPC connector with 1mm pitch. Please use an FFC cable with contacts on the same side. Such a 15 pin FFC cable (50mm) is included. This product is intended for software developers.

Technical details

  • HDMI input: 1080p25 only (software limitation at this time)
  • HDMI to CSI-2 bridge chip: Toshiba TC358743XBG
  • CSI-2: up to 2 lanes plus clock
  • top connector: 15 pin FPC 1.0mm (compatible to Raspberry Pi and HummingBoard CSI-2 connector) – contacts on top
  • size: 27 x 41 mm
  • mounting: 3x M2.5 mounting holes (do not use M3 screws)
  • mount hole spacing: 22mm (h) x 21mm (v)
  • power: 3.3V

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