Robotic HomeLab kit value for money

Robotic HomeLab Basic kit

Robotic HomeLab kit is a part of Robotic Teaching & Learning Concept (RTLC) described in the Robotic & Mechatronic HomeLab Kit Community start page and scientific papers: Comprehensive Blended Learning Concept for teaching Micro Controller technology and Microcontroller based intelligent platform for research and education in mechatronics.

Robotic HomeLab kit price includes following items:

  1. Example exercises with C-source code (examples)
  2. Development software (IDE) for MS Windows and Linux (free software) - Download software
  3. Software library (open source) - Download software
  4. Comprehensive teaching and learning material (Estonian, English and German language) - Microcontrollers and Robotics
  5. Microcontroller (AVR) theory
    • Hardware documentation
    • Software library
    • Examples
    • Exercises
    • Questions
    • Example projects
  6. Teaching methodology description Teaching the robotics
  7. Local support
  8. Access to teachers (restricted) area Supervisors
    • Solutions for exercises
    • Answers for questions
    • Robotic projects
    • Tips & tricks
  9. Access to (3 month per kit) DistanceLab

Robotic HomeLab kit selling prices (without VAT):

Available on request

  1. Teacher training
  2. On-site training (teachers and students)
  3. Access to DistanceLab

Teaching and Learning material is also published on paper as a book in Estonian and English language.

DistanceLab & VirtualLab environment

As a part of the concept teachers and learners can access to VirtualLab and DistanceLab.

  • Access on a licence-based payment
  • Included - one account per HomeLab kit purchase
  • Limited use time in hours

Main benefits over Lego & Arduino

  • Whole package for education (investments of teacher own time vs school money)
  • Local support & training
  • Industry close environment (learners are better prepared for working situations)
  • Cutting edge e-learning facilities
  • Easier to migrate another controller (programming environment and language is industry standard)

Robotic kits

Logical sequence of learning robotics starting on early age would be Lego→Arduino→Robotic HomeLab (Arduino can be skipped)


  • Designed specially for the education
  • Reduces significantly teachers workload and preparation work
  • Provides full cutting-edge e-learning functionality
  • Free software
  • Close to industrial environment

Robotic HomeLab kits are designed and manufactured in Estonia, ITT Group.

More publication about the concept, kit and remote labs can be found on ResearchGate.

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