In order to engineer a simple mechatronic device it is needed to project the construction and mechanics, electronics and sensors, control system and software for this device. At the end of the project a report should be compiled. It is a documentation which should at least consist following content points:

  • Titlepage
  • Summary
  • Summary (in foreign language)
  • Table of contents
    1. Initial task
    2. System requirements and limitations
    3. The overall system model
      Structure and functionality of a system as block diagrams. In addition, instructions for use case diagram, interface diagram etc. can be composed.
    4. Design solutions
      At least three different conceptual solutions of how to solve the task. Suitable are manually sketched diagrams, sketches etc. Documentation with comments.
    5. Mechanics
      Preferably a 3D model with drawings of essential nodes and engineering instructions. If a node requires special instructions, then assembly drawings and instructions as well. If possible, add an animation on functioning of the system.
    6. Electronics
      Give the overall block diagram, where all the used modules are showed (controller, motor actuator, motor, encoder etc. and their connections). At opportunity provide a standard electronic unit and PCB assembly layout.
    7. Control system
      Control algorithm and source code. If self made functions are used, then provide a table of functions and parameters, table of interruption priorities etc.
    8. Ready-to-use solution
      Description and pictures
    9. Economic calculation
      The list of components with cost, time estimates etc.
    10. Project management
      The project schedule, resource allocation, division of labor, the crew's contribution, the minutes of meetings etc.
    11. Summary and conclusions
      What was difficult, what would you do differently, what you gained from the project etc. In the summary a short description of the work done, problems encountered and a description of the outcome should be outlined. It is also good to add your opinion on the necessity of the project, what it offers to the members of the project and what should be done differently in the future, what was learned and what would be suggested to the supervisors and organizers of the project.
  • References and materials used
  • Annexes

The following example project is a sample of how to compile a documentation and a report on the project. Unfortunately, the report is in an abbreviated form due to the limited volume of this book, but it is aimed to show the different aspects of documentation.

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