Unified Solution of Remote Access Framework

USORA addresses several European priorities through the dissemination and development of VirtualLab and DistanceLab learning systems in 3 different countries - Portugal, Germany and Estonia - therefore increasing the level of cooperation between institutions throughout Europe.

Mobility and accessibility are core issues in USORA Distance and Virtual Labs. Like many other remote learning and eLearning examples, it targets integration and development dynamics for new educational content. USORA develops and disseminates reusable units of learning aimed at educational quality and excellence, empowering the use of these units by different VET professionals, with organisational, technical and quality-related issues linked to ECVET. The development of operational partnerships between users of USORA and its partners will emerge naturally, and dissemination of strategies and approaches will ensure quality and evolution for all members. USORA is a framework instrument with procedures and methods for improving the quality of VET systems. The USORA framework will implement lifelong learning strategies to enable more flexible learning pathways, improving the quality and efficiency of education and training with its centralized laboratory solutions. 

Usora Remote Labs Repository

Remote Lab@Artica

Robotic HomeLab

This remote lab is a test bench for Robotic HomeLab kit v5. The lab consists of standard Robotic HomeLab kit modules, like Controller module, User Interface module and Combo module. Different types of motors and sensors are connected to Combo module and can be controlled by user program. User can also program indicators and display seen on the front.
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Remote Lab@IST


Robotic HomeLab

This remote lab is a mobile robot lab based on Magabot mobile robot. ROS is used as base tehchnology to control and program devices in the lab.
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RemoteLab@ITT Group


This remote lab is a test bench for Robotic HomeLab kit v5. The lab consists of standard Robotic HomeLab kit modules, like Controller module and User Interface module and special Combo module. Different types of motors and sensors are connected to Combo board and can be controlled by user program. User can also program indicators and display seen on the front. This lab includes also Magabot robot which can be programmed by C language as autonomous operation.
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3D Printing Lab

The 3D printing lab is for rapid prototype printing lab running the Beethefirst 3D printer. The lab has currently one 3D printer which can be used for printing PLA thermoplastic objects. Users interested to use the lab facilities need to register themselves and request right from lab owner to use the lab.
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Smart Green House

An actually working greenhouse of diminished size is produced in this remote lab and automatics developed for adjusting its temperature as well as air and soil humidity using the Robotic HomeLab microcontroller. A database and web server is run on a small-size computer Raspberry Pi running a Linux operation system and a smart greenhouse control database system created that records control values and sensor readings. The transmission of data from the greenhouse to the server is achieved via a wireless computer network.
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Virtual Micro Controller Unit

This lab is presenting a virtual micro controller system that enables students to work on virtualized hardware. For further information you might check the general information webpage.
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Usora Partners

The partnership has strong competence in the main project fields. Theoretical and practical aspects of system design are main strength of the Estonian and Portugal partners. The ICT and embedded system experience and tight connections with industry is the focus of German partners.

Articacc Lda

Artica creates: Interactive installations; Interactive scenography and visual content; Customizable APIs and software platforms; Educational robotics; Electronics and programming platforms; Sharing of knowledge with workshops and code repositories; Open-source licensed technologies; Projects for advertising and marketing events; Research projects; Rapid prototyping (3D print, CNC). Since its creation, ArticaCC was completely focused on education and knowledge sharing for programming, electronics and robotics. 
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ITT Group

ITT Group is a modern company focused mechatronics design and e-solutions. Activity areas are ICT development, consulting and custom mechatronic and robotic designs. The target market is primarily Estonia and Scandinavian countries but also other EU countries. One of the characteristics is open mind for new ideas and therefore we have been participated different European project. We have been hosting young people from European universities for their work placement. As all board members holds University degree the company is very tightly related with education.
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Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

Võru County Vocational Training Centre is a modern vocational education institution, which is a good choice if you wish to invest in your education in order to manage well in the rapidly changing world. Creating a contemporary study environment for the youth is extremely important. We believe that by benefiting from the great study conditions of Võru County Vocational Training Centre, the students are capable of creating the same conditions in businesses as well.
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it:matters (ITM) is an innovative spin-off of Bochum University of Applied Sciences and was founded in April 2010, but the company CEO is commercially active since 2001 with ITMs predecessor, an engineering consulting company. The company is a SME type company, located in the Ruhr area of Germany, with focus on Web Engineering, eLearning and consulting. ITM is specialized on the planning and realization of tailored and complex web applications, including mobile applications. Since 2006 ITM is engaged in enhancing STEM in VET and life-long-learning as well as in higher education.
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Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Bochum University of Applied Sciences possesses three centres of competence: Center of Competence Engineering, Construction and Business. Regarding the field of engineering the universities scope includes basic studies in electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer sciences. The main research activities focus on the two master studies: Mechatronics and IT-Automotive and the Internet Technologies.
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Association of Instituto Superior Técnico for Research and Development

The Association of Instituto Superior Técnico for Research and Development (IST-ID) is a private not-for-profit institution, which primarily aims at carrying out Science and Technology activities, fostering knowledge transfer and promoting the involvement of national and foreign researchers, internally and externally, in RD&I projects in their areas of expertise.
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Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais SA

INETE (Institute of Technical Education) was established in July 1988, supported by Ensinus - Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais (ETP) / Technical and Professional Studies / TEP. The Ensinus Group is formed by business organizations entirely dedicated to education and teaching at all levels, from pre-school to higher education, including vocational education and training, consultancy and applied research. Ensinus was acquired by the Lusófona Group in 2009.
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