ARM-CAN HomeLab Kit

The ARM-CAN HomeLab kit is a set of interconnected modules and arrangements. Main module is a microcontroller boards which can be used to build up the node network. The kit has in different interfaces for peripheral device connections as a subject of training. All together the HomeLab kit is a mobile ready for use a small test stand, which could be connected to PC and operated in home or working place. HomeLab has a modular structure, meaning that the content can be combined according the needs and given task.

The ARM-CAN HomeLab kit is intended for the high level algorithm and car network teaching. The kit is based on the state-of-art ARM Cortex M3 controller and supports lots of peripheral. The kit included two (or three) controller board, one user interface and programmer. The user interface is equipped with color LCD, two dimensional joystick, push-buttons and polyphonic speaker. The kit is packed into handy case and has all necessary accessories, like power supply and cables included. The CD is included with software and user guides.

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