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Mosfet 55V 31A


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The IRF5305PBF from International Rectifier is -55V single P channel HEXFET power MOSFET in TO-220AB package. This MOSFET features extremely low on resistance per silicon area, dynamic dv/dt rating, rugged, fast switching and fully avalanche rated as a result, power MOSFET are well know to provide extremely efficiency and reliability which can be used in wide variety of applications.
  • Drain to source voltage Vds is -55V
  • Gate to source voltage is ±20V
  • On resistance Rds(on) of 60mohm at Vgs of -10V
  • Power dissipation Pd of 110W at 25°C
  • Continuous drain current Id of -31A at Vgs -10V and 25°C
  • Junction temperature range from -55°C to 175°C