Mechanical robot platform assembly kit


77 piece robot set.

in stock, Tallinn

Single-layer gear 14 species:

82A 92A 102A (three white yellow blue) 112A 122A 132A 142A 152A 162A 182A 202A 102A long section of orange and red

Single-layer gear 5 kinds:

562A Blue 502A Soft orange 542A 482A 442A

Crown gear 4 kinds:

C322A C20082A C36082B former C24102B

Double gear 6 kinds:

22082B 24122B 24102B 20102B 30162A 50102A

7 kinds of pulleys:

62A Orange Red 102B 9.32A 132A 182A Red 242AB Blue 302A

Worm, three kinds of a total of 4 kinds:

W6 * 62A W6 * 102A green, three links through the blue

Motor, a total of 9 kinds of chassis parts:

130 motor, motor bracket, 2mm axles (2 each), yellow window plate, angle iron (4), 2A shaft sleeve (4), 302A blue wheel (4), M2.3 screw A

Rubber band 1 (3 models):

Small color (2), green (2), red (2)