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Juhtmevaba programmaator Arduinole
  • Juhtmevaba programmaator Arduinole

Juhtmevaba programmaator Arduinole

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Getting tired of plug and unplug the USB cable when you debugging the Arduino project? This wireless programming module is designed for wireless upload skectch/codes to Arduino. With up-to 5 meters range, you can bring your laptop and do a wireless programming for your already deployed Arduino based devices which is hard to open.  Cut the wire, and try this superb communication module.  

This module can also be used as a standard bidirectional wireless communication module with up to 20 meters range  and 115200 bps speed(line in sight). When uses as communication modules, it exchanges data as a transparent serial port.  Only Tx/Rx will be required to do the transmission.

  • Suitable for outdoor Arduino based devices. 

  • Suitable for Arduino based robots.
  • Suitable for thoese devices which are hard to reach.

Its pin out is compatible with XBEE socket.  You will need at least a Xbee Adapter and one of the following shield to perform the wireless programming.


1. You will need a pair of this module to perform wireless programming. 

2. It's not compatible with Arduino Leonardo series processor.

It is compatible with:

  • DFRduino Duemilanove
  • DFRduino Mega(1280)
  • Romeo v1.1
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmeg328
  • Arduino Diecimila,Duemilanove,or Nano w/ ATmega168
  • Arduino Mega (ATmega1280)
  • Arduino Mini
  • Arduino BT w/ ATmega328/168
  • LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega328/168
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V,16MHz) w/ ATmega328/168
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V,8MHz) w/ ATmega328/168
  • Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega168/ATmega 8


  • Supply Voltage:3.3V
  • Working current: 10mA
  • Working Temperature: 0 - 70 C
  • Interface: UART (TTL)
  • Support Baud Rate:1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/28800/38400/57600/115200
  • Communication Range: 20 Meters (line in sight)
  • Frequency Band:2.4Ghz